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Luxurious basketball products distributors promised to discount pricesToday was a long day for the prosecutor who spends a little more than 4 hours to go through the evidence that has been collected on Anders Breivik. He talked about a cult called The Knights Templar that Anders Breivik claims to be a part of, and how this network of like minded people does not exist. There was also talk about how Anders Breivik played the massive multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, and how he did spend several years playing this as it was he's life.But, somehow, I feel sorry for them. They seem to be exploring the world from 'within', within their little gadgets, while we had explored the world 'without', without the aid of all this electronic media. With our eyes and ears open. This is true of every word in language because hanging on those words are our thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Every time we open our mouths we are imparting a piece of who we are. 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Unfortunately, one of the shirts pocket seam came undone the first day I wore it.
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Grandson loves this. Good quality garment.
Chad Dahms
Loved the story formatted by the time
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