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ARGOMENTO: A word of warning to all those soon-to-be Super Bo

A word of warning to all those soon-to-be Super Bo 1 Settimana 3 Giorni fa #2935

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champions in New England or Los Angeles: Don’t get too comfortable. You might be looking for a job fairly soon.The NFL’s inexorable trend of going younger and cheaper does not bypass the best teams in the league. In fact New York Jets Jersey 2019 , it may help them stay as good as they are.An Associated Press analysis of Super Bowl champions over the past seven years revealed that title teams shed an average of 20.4 players off their 53-man rosters from the Super Bowl to Week 1 of the next season. That’s 38.5 percent. On average, the new players had 1.8 fewer years of experience than the players they replaced.The findings were in line with data analyzed by the AP that showed a steady trend downward in experience of all teams despite attempts in the 2006 and 2011 collective bargaining agreements to stem that tide. Average experience on opening-day rosters has dropped from 4.6 years to 4.3 since 2005 .“I mean, look, there’s a lot of turnover in the National Football League on every team in every year,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “It’s the National Football League. Teams turn over a lot of players and a lot of coaches every single year, every single team.”No team does it with quite the high-profile effectiveness as the Patriots, who have collected five Super Bowl titles since 2002, and will be going for No. 6 on Sunday against the Rams.New England’s five Super Bowl champions turned over an average of 19.2 players the season after they won their titles. The season after their 2015 win over the Seahawks, they brought in 24 new players — the biggest number among all the teams surveyed in this analysis.How does all this turn out? Not very well, except for the Patriots. Of the past seven Super Bowl teams, none has repeated. Two have returned to the Super Bowl to lose. Two have lost in the playoffs. Three didn’t even make the playoffs.The 2003-04 Patriots are the last team to repeat.Belichick’s famously unsentimental view of rosters, and the players who fill them, has led to some of the most awkward, unpopular and sometimes downright messy break-ups in recent memory.Coming off a season in which the Patriots lost the AFC title game, Belichick traded away linebacker Jamie Collins — to the then 0-8 Browns, no less — in the middle of the 2016 season. New England won the Super Bowl that year.Ty Law, Adam Vinatieri, Vince Wilfork Quinnen Williams New York Jets Jersey , Richard Seymour. Lawyer Milloy, Jimmy Garoppolo, Wes Welker, Damien Woody. New England said goodbye to all of them when they still had gas left in the tank.They unexpectedly benched the cornerback who saved the 2015 Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler, at the Super Bowl three years later, then let him go via free agency. Drew Bledsoe got injured in 2001 and his days were numbered. He got traded to the Bills after a backup named Tom Brady stepped in and did fairly well.Through it all, Brady and Belichick have been the constant.“Some of it is perception, and some of it is reality,” said Eric Winston, the former NFL offensive lineman who is now the president of the players’ union. “Every NFL team, in certain areas, goes through maturations and goes through the process of, ‘How do we build a team?’ And then it changes. One year, it’s finding a few older free agents who can play. Another, everyone wants to get younger when the Seahawks win with an average age of” 26.4.The average experience on Seattle’s 2013 Super Bowl champions was 3.66 years, the lowest among the teams AP surveyed.Not surprising, then Womens Quinnen Williams Jersey , that Seattle only turned over 15 players from that roster. Seattle returned to the Super Bowl the next season, but went into a rebuilding mode not long after, with many of the top contributors from the Super Bowl teams becoming too pricey. The team scrambled to put fresh talent around still-young quarterback, Russell Wilson, but has never returned to the Super Bowl.“Teams will try to find a younger, cheaper option even if the drop off in production isn’t there” from the player they’re cutting ties with, said Seahawks 11th-year offensive lineman Duane Brown. “If they’re not as productive but a little cheaper they’re willing to sacrifice it.”Even by jettisoning around one-third of their rosters, teams don’t always end up younger the next season. Of the 10 teams the AP analyzed — all seven title teams since 2011, along with the 2001, 2003 and 2004 Patriots — six actually got older. That’s because even with the turnover, essentially two-thirds of the roster stays and ages a year.That only amplifies the need to work hard at staying young.Jets offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum recalled conversations he’s had with assistant coach David Diaz-Infante, who played on the Broncos title teams in the late 90s.“He said, ‘Man, I remember when I was in my room, the youngest person in our room was 29,'” Beachum said. “That’s considered almost older than a geezer now.'” After a promising rookie year, Marcus Maye’s 2018 season proved to be a bit of a washout. He eventually played in just six games and his absence loomed large in terms of the persistent breakdowns in the defensive secondary.You might hope that a statistical comparison of the six games he played and the 10 in which he did not might reflect favorably upon how the team played when Maye was available. However, that wasn’t really the case. While the team was 2-4 with Maye in the lineup and 2-8 without him and allowed slightly fewer yards against the run Cheap Quinnen Williams Jersey , the rest of the stats actually suggest that the team was better off without him. Surprisingly, they gave up more passing yards (277 with Maye, 240 without) and total yards (396 with Maye, 371 without). Offenses also had more success on 3rd down (40 percent success rate with Maye, 30 without) and the rate at which big plays were given up or passes intercepted were about equivalent.This probably speaks to two things. First of all, Maye was probably not 100 percent for most of those six games. He looked rusty in the first game and, in the last three, was playing with a brace protecting a broken thumb which no doubt influenced his ability to tackle and make plays on the ball. Also, the team was desperate to figure things out in the defensive secondary with regard to communication issues but Maye simply wasn’t in the lineup for long enough to enable them to get that down.You’ll recall that the team was having all kinds of issues at the start of the year in picking up assignments in zone coverage. That came to a head in the loss to Jacksonville, which was actually Maye’s first game of the year.Dede Westbrook, who otherwise has never had a hundred-yard game in the NFL, was left uncovered over and over again as he ended up with 130 yards on nine catches to lead the Jaguars to an easy win.The players and coaches vowed to fix things and, following a well-publicized players-only meeting, it looked like they had for the next two weeks. Then Maye got hurt again and by the time he returned with the broken thumb two weeks later, any cohesion in the secondary had evaporated again.Another issue with the team in the games Maye missed was that Trumaine Johnson was injured at that stage of the season, so the defense was never truly at 100 percent, personnel-wise. Ironically, the two games both played in were arguably the two worst performances of the season against Jacksonville and Buffalo. Again Red Quinnen Williams Jersey , that likely comes down to the fact that neither was fully healthy and that starting unit had no time to play together, including in preseason where Maye played in just one game.Maye’s statistical production was in line with his rookie year and he graded out well, so there wasn’t a major issue with his performance despite the fact he perhaps wasn’t ever fully healthy. However, the constant blown coverages and communication breakdowns in the defensive secondary lasting throughout the year are testament to the fact that the team can’t afford to have him in and out of the lineup.The obvious next question is whether Maye should be considered injury prone. When he entered the league, his senior year at Florida had been cut short due to an arm/shoulder issue that required surgery but he made an immediate impact in camp and started every game during the regular season. He’d previously been healthy during his first three years at Florida too.Unfortunately, he injured an ankle in last year’s season finale and his rehabilitation from that injury took longer than expected.He then suffered another foot injury in his only preseason appearance. After returning in week four, he suffered the broken thumb, which had been reported to be a 4-6 week injury. He missed just one game and then made his return but lasted just three games before going onto injured reserve as he had also picked up a shoulder issue.The Jets probably had to weigh up the best course of action for Maye.Either they could give him a chance to work his way back and hopefully iron out the communication issues before the season was over or just deactivate him and give him a chance to get fully healthy for 2019. With Todd Bowles on his way out and a new defensive scheme set to be installed, choosing to do the former was probably the wise choice.While Maye was out, the Jets gave starts to Doug Middleton, Rontez Miles and Darryl Roberts in Maye’s free safety position and they held their own for the most part. However, all three are out of contract, although Terrence Brooks - who took over from Middleton when he got injured in the Vikings game - is not. It’s useful to know that players like these can fill in for Maye but far from ideal in a system where players are struggling to know their assignments.Maye only has two years left on his rookie deal and has shown signs that he can be a difference maker who complements Jamal Adams well in the defensive secondary. However, if he struggles to stay on the field again in 2019, the Jets might have to start thinking about contingencies for the longer term.
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